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Premium Prestigious Speed gate

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  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Weight100 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[A1 Communications Korea]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Smart Speed gate (Model SSG15 series) is the most advanced, stylish and prestigious access control system.  In addition to best-in class product quality, it demonstrates outstanding reliability in a wide range of business areas, to say nothing of accuracy, durability and fast performance. Speed gate system usually requires more than 10 years life cycle once it installed in the field. From this perspective,  reliability and durability are much important decision factors in choosing them. 


In terms of reliability and durability, we are much confident because nobody can imitate our robust architecture, composed of A/C motor and uni-frame integrated operating linking parts that specially designed for the speed gate. About some more things about A/C motor, in spite of many advantages of it like more powerful, more reliable and durable, its unique disadvantage is generally known to generates much more noise than D/C motor at the time of door operation. However, these fears became utterly groundless as our state-of-the-art control technologies easily resolved this problem, resulted in operating even much more silent than D/C motor . Besides, our systems are free from frequent troubles as well as easy installation and easy maintenance because all error-prone points were removed by patented integrated circuit board.


1. Innovative design

• Elegance, slim and stylish design
• Minimum footprint
• Ambient LED lighting effects
• Customization option (color, height…) available


2. Excellent performance

• Adopted high powered Mitsubishi AC motor with warranty for 3 years and 5 million times of open/closing operations.
• High speed & Unbeatable performance ( Normal: 55 people /min,  Max: 70 people / min)
• Excellent control of anti-tale gating


3. More secure

• Installed 11 pairs of IR sensors types(Security, Safety)
• Multi-pass / Detecting tale gating
• Perfect control of anti-tale gating with 8 pairs of sensors
• Preventing entrance from reverse direction
• 5 steps’ security level
• Setting up open /closing of glass panels at standby mode
• Possible to open the glass panels manually in case of emergency or power outage (Patented technology)

  4. Rich Functions
• Self diagnostics
• Unidirectional or Bidirectional sliding operation
• People counting up to 10 millions
• Control # of consecutive authentication with same ID 
• Adjustment of open/closing speed for the glass panel
• Time setting for glass panel open time before passing the lane
• Time setting for glass panel closing time after passing the lane
• Embedded UPS (Option) – Guarantees 300 operations at power outage
• Integrate with diverse C/R, Biometric devices, Fire alarm
• Diverse operating modes
• Selective open /closing of the panel at Standby mode
• Control of passage flow direction remotely

5. Others

• 12 mm Thick & Tempered glass panels
• Robust architecture with high durability
• Silent & Smooth operation
• Available for Regular Wide model choice by customer preference
• CE, FCC, KC certified
• Two types of color (Orange, Gray)


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Orange Color

Orange Color

Orange Color

Orange Color

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Silver Color

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