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Biometric Face recognition device

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  • MaterialPC-ABS
  • Size127 * 216 * 70 mm
  • Weight1 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Others

[A1 Communications Korea]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

“Facework” is much powerful, stylish and market-proven embedded face recognition device which adopted many cutting-edge technologies for high accuracy and fast performance. Especially, its face recognition engine is fully validated in large user group (more than 2.5K users per device) across various industries. 

From now on, please enjoy much user convenient Facework at affordable price.


Its major features are;

- High accuracy and performance ( FRR : =< 0.1%, FAR: =< 0.01%, Response time =< 1 sec

- 7 Authentication modes

- Bundled Mi-fare card reader

- 4.3" TFT screen with capacitive touch technology

- Works on 0 lux lights environment

- Up to 500 users in 1:N mode, 10,000 users in 1:1 mode

- Adopted proven face recognition engine on 2,000+ actual user templates per unit with 1:N mode. 

- Only react on live face

- Little affected by the change of hair style and minor facial expression, glasses with thin frame

- Fast enrollment

- No need to re-enroll face over times with intelligent template update

- Slim and elegant design

- Multiple configuration (Standalone, Network, Cloud)

- 256 bit encryption for data communication to external device/system

- Save face log

- Diverse interfaces

- Scheduling for authentication by time interval and user 

- Market proven (used  in more than 2,000 customer sites in various industries)

- Remote firmware update

- Remote management

- Real-time authentication monitoring

- Environmental Surveillance

- Alarm for sensing Device detachment

- Easy installation

- Intuitive User Interface

- Powerful and rich functional management software.

- KC, FCC, CE certification

- Certificate from Korea-National Bio-metric Test Center of Korea Internet & Security Agency

- Many others



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